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Thursday, 28 April 2016

A little update.
Wolf-packs and Winter Snow is available to download on drivethruRPG. I'm working on getting the layout done for a print version.
After this, the plan is to get 15 Years in a publishable form, and stick that up too. This might be tricky, due to the need to find art that's not massively copyright-infringey. I don't think I'd get away with just using black silhouettes and claiming its a stylistic choice again.

I'm working on a couple of Wolfpacks modules, fillable character sheets and pre-genned characters, and a DM-screen and player-cheat-sheets package. The modules in question are:
Spires Dreaming Beneath The Ice, a dungeon crawl into antediluvian ruins in the far north. 
The Princess Clad In Amber, a location/event based scenario dealing with a mad cult stealing people's babies.


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  2. Hello! Will the Antediluvian module have unusual "magic" artifacts and terrible inter-dimensional monsters/beings that can be generated or encountered?

  3. well, the main treasure for that module will be nuclear fuel rods. I'm working on getting a write up of what they do when players do different things with them - getting it set up so a smart PC can work out how to set off a horrible nuclear meltdown without it being too obvious is the plan.

    The monsters are mostly going to be things like maintenance and security robots. These might also be lootable, if the players are smart...

    1. You could use fuel rods as a heat source. Depending on the shielding, that might not be too radioactive. And big rods that always stay warm are a pretty cool magic item.

      You could also have them shed light, but by that time, they're probably radioactive as fuck (so. . . cursed treasure).

  4. Glad to see you got a blog set up. I tossed you a plug on my own meager publication.

  5. I like the idea of stone age cultures looting robots. Also looking forward to the print version of Wolf-packs and Winter Snow.

  6. Wolfpacks is solid, by the way.