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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

First Post?

So, I made myself a blog. I'm going to use this mostly to talk about tabletop games. Mostly OSR style stuff, but bits of oWoD and other stuff might creep in.

I write games almost compulsively. My laptops full of bits of different projects I never finished; a game where you play as spiders in a psychedelic dreamscape; a game for two players where a ghost tries to remember how they died; a big chunky game (by my standards) about members of the BPRD; a game that's basically a cross between Dungeon World and WHFRP; a game about film-noir paranormal investigators.  Games I write tend to be fairly light on rules, emphasising GM improvisation over strict rules. I also tend to like high lethality and survival rules. As for those I've actually finished (at least, enough that I'd say they're playable, I still tweak them), there are two:
15 Years Later is a low-key post-apocalyptic game set after biological warfare wipes out most of the population, with the only survivors being children. The system is based around simple d6 rolls, and fairly rules-light and streamlined. The rules and setting are all up in a wiki here.
Wolf Packs & Winter Snow is an Old School Renaissance style game set in a weird fantasy version of human pre-history. There are PDFs floating about, and I'm working on getting a finished version of the PDF up and ready to go, with an eye to sticking it on DrivethruRPG.

Illustration to 'Stops of Various Quills', Howard Pyle, 1895

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