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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Giving the Giovanni a bit extra.

Let's talk about blood magic in Vampire: the Masquerade. The Tremere get to pick between 28ish different paths for their thaumaturgy. Meanwhile, the Giovanni use necromancy, which has a grand total of six paths. Of these, the mortuus and vitreous paths are exclusive to the Harbingers of Skulls and Nagaraja, meaning your average necromancer gets to pick from 4 paths. This seems a little unfair.
On top of this, I don't think there's enough home-brew floating about for WoD, and I do love me my Giovanni.  So, to fix this, I'm writing some homebrew necromancy paths.

First up, lets look at what the different paths can do.

Scepulture Path - summon and command wraiths.
Bone Path - make zombies and put souls in new bodies.
Ash Path - reach through the shroud.
Cenotaph Path - interact with haunts and fetters.
Mortuus Path - make things seem like corpses.
Vitreous Path - interact with Oblivion.

This leaves a few areas open to play around with. Playing around with angst, pathos and memories seems possible, maybe taking some ideas from the Usury and Mnemosynis arcanoi. Doing things with dead flesh, beyond turning it into a zombie, isn't really covered either - this could work similarly to moliate or vicissitude but for dead meat. A path that gives control over a haunt or haven, making it stereotypically spooky, could be thematic. A lot of rituals deal with mortals' fear of death, so we could make a path for that. We could probably do some stuff that affects the process of dying and the soul, as well, and then a more mundane version that deals with entropy and decay. And, for good measure, it would probably be good to give the necromancer ways to buff up their wraiths, as a sort of carrot to Scepulture's stick.
So, from this, here's the basics of a few new paths. I'll write them up individually in future posts.

Clay Path - Fleshcrafting on dead bodies.
Mist Path - Invoke fear of death in mortals, and make pacts with them.
Arachnis Path - Wards and controls a building.
Salt Path - Strengthen and support wraiths.
Lacrimose Path - Deals with wraiths' desires and memories, and with pathos.
Bitter Path - Deals with the process of dying and entropy.

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